Emergency Contact Details


EMERGENCY CONTACT: If you have an EMERGENCY* repair outside of these hours:

Usual offices hours 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12 noon Saturdays

emergency contact telephone

0800 111 999 

*** You should inform Stuarts Property Services Ltd as soon as offices are open, to report the incident.***

If you have a water leak – it is advisable to turn off the water via the stop tap to minimise damage to the property

We have regular contractors that will cover EMERGENCIES over closed periods – *If you are tenant, you will be charged back by the landlord if the call out is not deemed an emergency by our contractors (the contractor will advise over the telephone wherever possible).

Common reports:- 

**   NO HEAT -This is often due to low pressure on the boiler which can be topped up easily by following manufacturer’s instructions which can be downloaded from the internet

**   NO ELECTRIC – This is often an appliance that has caused your fuse box to cut off for safety – think about what you were doing when the electric went off and unplug that appliance (could be a bulb),  Go to the fuse board and ensure all switches are on and reset by turning main switch on RCD Consumer unit off then on again.  Also check with Electricity Northwest to see if there is an area outage – https://www.enwl.co.uk/ 

PLEASE NOTE:  Should the contractor find these faults only you will be charged their call out fee of £100+vat (£120 total)


  • K Stringer Plumbing and Heating: 07771 887373
  • John Hayes Plumbing: 07712 873613


  • MEC Electrical: 07927 725462
Please note that these contractors are third party contractors and not employed by Stuarts Property Services Ltd. We can therefore accept no liability for their response time or availability.  Their details noted above are so as to try to assist you out of hours.