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To Let Boards

Manchester council is considering a city-wide ban on letting agents’ To Let boards.

The local authority says the plethora of boards in some locations, particularly student areas, create an eyesore and indicate to burglars that homes may be vacant at certain times of day and certain times of year. The authority also alleges that many boards remain up on a near-permanent basis, despite the law stating they should be removed within 14 days of a new tenancy being agreed.

Councillors are to set out proposals asking letting agents to remove signs and agree not to erect new ones; the arrangement will be voluntary at first, but may be subject to more formal regulation if required.

Letting Agent Today has reported in recent months that restrictions have been imposed on To Let boards in York, Durham, Brighton & Hove, Belfast, Leicester, Liverpool, Nottingham and elsewhere.

A Manchester council spokesperson has told the Manchester Evening News: “The high concentration of these signs in some areas of the city creates an unsightly blot on the landscape and can be a real eyesore for local residents.

“In addition, the signs may help identify properties rented by students, seen by criminals as easy targets. Many of the signs remain in place all year round despite properties being tenanted, and only serve as advertising for rental companies.”

ARLA chief executive David Cox told the paper: “It is important to remember that ‘To Let’ boards are still, even in an internet age, vital for advertising rental properties. The ‘traditional’ way of finding a property through a ‘To Let’ sign is still very popular among tenants.”

  • Colin Hayes
    Colin Hayes
    10:58 21 Jun 17
    The property was let to the other viewer on the day, they acted quickly and had secured it during the viewing, all applicants are informed it sadly is a first comer first served basis. This is a very fast moving market and sadly sometimes this happens.
    Joy Sadeghiani
    Joy Sadeghiani
    13:46 06 Mar 17
    What a fabulous letting agent Stuarts are. Their attention to detail in fantastic. Everything you need to know is clearly explained on the website. Their customer service is second to none and they are always happy to answer any queries a potential tenant may have. I would highly recommend using this letting agent.
    kati pasztor
    kati pasztor
    16:20 07 Mar 17
    I have been with the company with over 7 years. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is after a secure and well looked after rental. Claire, Margaret and Colin are not only helpful but genuinely lovely people. Anytime I have a request they sort things out for me straight away. I feel safe and trusted in the properly I live in and if I would ever have to move, i'd definitely stick with Stuarts to find me a new home.
    Sue Jelks
    Sue Jelks
    13:35 06 Apr 17
    First class service provided, personally tailored to suit each client. As a professional accountant and tax advisor such excellent service is always appreciated especially to enable up to date planning with clients.
    Gemma Cullum
    Gemma Cullum
    15:45 14 Feb 17
    We have recently completed work for Stuarts Property Services at one of their tenanted properties. I would like to say a huge thank you for the work you have offered to us recently and what a great company you are to work for. All the best for the future and we look forward to continuing our good working relationship.
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