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The latest survey from a specialist landlord insurance firm confirms what many in the industry will have known for a long time – cost and location are the two key factors that influence property choices for more than four out of five tenants. 

– 86 per cent of respondents feel cost is the determining factor when choosing a rental property;

– the same percentage say location is key;

– ease of parking and whether the property has a garden were both classed as equally important by 44 per cent of renters;

– 32 per cent rate getting on with the landlord is less important than the décoration; 

– 20 per cent say pets being allowed is a key factor; 

– two per cent say accessibility is a key influencer.

This survey is twice a year  “There’s been a slight shift in priorities over the last six months, with the cost and location both again being the most important consideration for prospective renters.”

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