Why smoke alarms are so important

Smoke Alarms – Since October 2015, it became mandatory for smoke alarms to be fitted on the floors of all rental properties. This also applies to carbon monoxide alarms (in rooms using solid fuels- such as a coal fire or wood burning stove).

Landlords must make sure that smoke/carbon monoxide alarms are working on the first day of the tenancy. After that tenants should take responsibility for their own safety and test the alarms regularly to make sure they are working and tenants should replace the batteries when needed. A landlord must pay the cost for a new alarm if it is broken or faulty. 

A property manager has gone on trial after two children died in an “eminently avoidable” fire at a rental property in Yorkshire. Please read full post reported Property Industry Eye,  by clicking here 


  • A smoke alarm could save you in a fire.
  • 90 people die each year because their smoke alarm is not working.
  • Most fires start when people are cooking.
  • Every 3 days someone dies from a fire started by a cigarette.
  • Broken electrics start about 7,000 fires a year.

Facts from the Greater Manchester fire and Rescue Service.  


Smoke alarms will wake you up and give you vital extra time to escape please make sure they are fitted in your property. 

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