Cheadle Defibrillator Launch

Stuarts Support Cheadle Defibrillator

As talks continue over the proposed installation of a publicly accessible defibrillator on Cheadle High Street, Gatley Road. We at Stuarts are more than supportive of the proposal. Stuarts has sponsored the defibrillator, otherwise known as an AED, standing for Automatic External Device. As we feel this addition to the local community could prove to be invaluable. 

Facts about defibrillators and CPR

  • Always start CPR immediately – then use an AED once located.
  • If a defibrillator is used within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest. Survival rates jump from 6 per cent to 74 per cent
  • Seven out of ten cardiac arrests occur outside of hospital. Currently in the UK, only 2-3% of these people survive.
  • Effective bystanders CPR, provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double a victim’s chance of survival.
  • For every minute that goes by without CPR or defibrillation. A victim’s chance of surviving a Sudden Cardiac Arrest drops 7-10%.
  • An AED is safe. It will not allow a shock to be given unless the heart rhythm requires a shock.

how to use an Automatic External Device

  1. Ask for help or any first aid trained passerby’s that can assist.
  2. Locate an AED.
    Electrode pad application

    How to apply the electrode pads.

  3. Turn on the AED (Follow the visual & voice prompts of the AED).
  4. Attach the electrode pads to patients bare chest.
  5. Always follow the instructions of the AED.


The addition of a defibrillator to the community, could prove to be invaluable. Of course we hope not of course! However the reassurance and potentially life saving addition to the High Street of Cheadle, may just be a very worthwhile addition. the high street is the most densely populated area of Cheadle at most times of the day, so this location is more than ideal. 


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