Manchester Arena Terror Attack –

Two years on from 22nd May 2017

Today we remember those we lost on the 22nd of May 2017, where 22 people were killed as the result of a terror attack. Particularly close to our hearts and minds is the loss of our local ‘fun’ lad Martyn Hett. Martyn’s legacy #BeMoreMartyn is a daily reminder to us to live life to the full and to embrace everything around us – The attack shook but didn’t break Manchester.

The directors of Stuarts went to the vigil following Martyn’s death and what was incredible was the love and support shown there. Indeed when his step-father Stuart was talking, the clouds parted and a rainbow appeared. Stuart kindly has allowed us to publish the photo and if you look carefully, you can see a face in the clouds. A true symbol of ‘Always remember, never Forget’

Because this is the place in our hearts, in our homes

Because this is the place that’s a part of our bones

‘Cos Greater Manchester gives us such strength from the fact

That this is the place. We should give something back.

Always remember. Never forget.  Forever Manchester.

The poem the above extract is taken from was written and performed by Tony Walsh at the memorial service after the attack – the full version is available on the internet.

Here in Manchester there was a concert named ‘One Love’ put together by Ariana Grande two weeks after the attack. This concert helped to raise money for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, this is to help the victims and their families.

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