Tips to prevent mould in your home

“How do you prevent mould appearing in your home?”

It’s this time of year when tenants mostly complain about the appearance of damp within their property. Often tenants request that their Landlords take action and Landlords often suggest that the issue is due to their tenants’ lifestyle.

The three main types of damp that appear within residential properties are condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp all of which can cause a great deal of damage to the property and in extreme cases causing health issues.

There is no need to panic or get too dramatic!!  Stuarts Homes are here to help by suggesting some simple preventative steps in order to lessen the chance of a mould dilemma….

1. Keep windows open

Opening a window allows moisture to escape the room rather than settle onto walls or furnishings.

2.Uncover ventilation vents and use extractor fans in rooms without windows

Rooms without a window must have all vents and extractors in use for moisture to escape.

3.Lids on pans to stop steam escaping

Sound obvious but often forgotten – Lids on pans means less moisture in the kitchen plus there’s the added bonus of a faster meal cooking time!!

4. Kettles

Boil only as much water as you need so that there is much less moist air circulating – Great way to save energy too!!

5. Dry clothes outside

Clothes will dry outside during a sunny winter’s day all be it a little slower, but moisture from wet clothes inside will settle onto walls, which over time, is a perfect base for mould to grow.

6. Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers draw water from the air into a tank. Smaller, inexpensive, non-electrical dehumidifiers contain water-absorbing crystals instead and great for inside wardrobes or behind cupboards in mould-prone areas

7. Heating the home 

Have your heating on a lower temperature over a longer period of time to keep the air in your house constant and avoid the risk of condensation

8. Wipe windows and windowsills

Wiping over windows with a dry cloth can stop mould growing. Windows becomes cold when in contact with the outside air and that’s why windows collect more moisture than a wall.

9. Leave internal doors open

Leaving some doors open enables fresh air to circulate through the house at an even temperature, helping to keeping mould at bay

10. Have mould professionally cleaned.

Professional steam cleaning kills the mould spores. When affected items are washed in the washing machine there is a risk contaminating other belongings because the water may not be hot enough to kill the mould.

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