The main cause of deposit disputes

According to new research; a lack of communication when withholding a deposit is the most common cause for deposit disputes between landlords and tenants

30% of disputes are caused by tenants not receiving any communication or explanation as to why they were not getting their deposit back.  

The second most common dispute at 23% is the perceived cleanliness of a property upon check out.

Ranked third most common dispute with 18% is damage to the property.

The other common disputes are, general redecoration, missing or replaced items and rent arrears or bills.

The research has also highlighted that the number of disputes being submitted by tenants mydeposits, has increased over the last three years whilst the number of escalated disputes to the adjudication stage has year on year is down 2.6% in 2019 alone. 

At Stuarts Homes we combat this “lack of communication” by actually communicating and liaising between tenants and landlords; in fact, we always have done.

 Starting off by simply carrying out, what we call a “Pre move out inspection” which enables us to point out areas that the tenant may need to address prior to the move out, two weeks later. Anything that will affect their deposit is pointed out to the tenant, relayed to the landlord, explained and put in writing to both parties well in advance of the move out.

This sounds like an obvious thing to do; however, some agents do not carry out any form of inspection prior to end of lease and so this is just one of many reasons why Stuarts Homes stands out from the rest.

Information about the Deposit Protection Service can be found on the links shown below:

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