Coronavirus – COVID Contingency Plan:

We at Stuarts are preparing for ‘worst case scenario’ should we be locked

down in the UK or should our staff become ill. The benefit of Stuarts being a family run company is that we will have continous access to our computer system from home remotely and there are 3 members of staff in one family; Colin, Clare and Olivia – this means we have all angles covered for any situations arising.

Our contingency plan if we are on lock down is as follows:-
1) All phone calls will be diverted to Clare’s mobile and your call will be dealt with as usual and as far as possible. Please be aware that this is one line in only at a time rather than the 6 lines that we currently have usually so please be patient.
2) Full access to computer will be from our home. As above, we will only be able to deal with one issue at a time and therefore please be patient.
3) We will return to the office as soon as possible.
We all need to be mindful that our regular contractors may also be affected by this virus and therefore we kindly ask that you only use the emergency details AFTER you have tried suggestions on our website. In particular, there are useful videos as well as information should you have no heat or hot water – please ensure you watch the videos in full to minimise any call outs.

Our EMERGENCY contact details on our website page:-

This is ONLY if we are locked down or all poorly (hopefully not!) – Otherwise we are BUSINESS AS USUAL.

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