Struggling with rent?

Times are HARD at the moment as COVID19 continues to affect us in all sorts of ways. We are continually being update on what we can and what we cannot do, where we can go and where we cannot; and in the midst of all of this, many people are concerned about their jobs or have lost their jobs as a direct impact of COVID19.

This is your opportunity to get help if you are struggling with your rent.

Here at Stuarts Homes we are always seeking guidance and information to assist both our landlords and tenants and this is why we want to share with you that the Government this week announced a further £180 million has been made available as a government funding specifically for discretionary housing payments. Click HERE to find out more,

You MAY be eligible for a discretionary housing payment from your local council and we strongly urge you to seek this help available to ensure that your rent payments are not affected going forwards.

It is important that you communicate with your landlord or agent if you are facing difficulties financially. Whilst it is a difficult conversation sometimes, you have a legal responsibility as a tenant to pay your rent and if the landlord or agent are not aware of problems, they cannot work alongside you to help you through a tough period. Our approach at Stuarts Homes is to encourage communication and always be 100% transparent with our landlords if their tenant gets into problems so that by working together, a payment plan can be put forward to assist all parties.

As a tenant, remember, if you dont pay the rent, both the landlord and the agent do not get paid or receive their income that they too are relying on.

Equally, any arrears that you may accrue due to current circumstances remain payable in full in accordance with your tenancy agreement. Failure to pay will result in longer term credit problems in the future; adverse credit remains on your profile for a number of years and could well affect your ability going forward to get alternative rented accommodation, a mortgage, a car loan or indeed any type of credit, so it is REALLY important to stay ahead and the above advice regarding the discretionary housing payment could make all the difference to you.

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