Gas Safety Week – 2020

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Here at Stuarts we understand the importance of keeping our tenants safe – it is our number one priority. One way of ensuring your safety is making your sure your home has had a Gas Safety Certificate done by a gas safe registered engineer. A gas safety certificate ensures that the gas appliances in the property are safe to use and must be re-done every year.

As we are heading into the colder months we must remain vigilant when it comes to being gas safe. Once the cold weather sets in, lots of us use our gas boilers and gas fires to keep our families safe and warm, but this increased usage can put extra pressure on your appliances and leave them at risk of breaking down when you most need them. If you notice anything difference about your appliances such as it is making an odd sound, creating a funny smell, isn’t working in its usual way contact Stuarts now for advice.

Landlords, if you have indulged in our Fully Managed service you needn’t worry – we keep on top of our Gas Safety Certificates and ensure they are done every year.

If you are a letting only landlord, please take this time to check when your last gas safety certificate was done. We can organise for one to be done for an arrangement fee of £25.00 +vat. Simply call the office on 0161 491 1411 to discuss.

For advice on how to keep your home Gas Safe please click here.

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