Prepare the property for Winter

Preparing the property before winter comes

On Saturday 29th October 2022 the clocks go back one hour which means at least 4 things:-

  1. You get an extra hour in bed
  2. Winter is just around the corner with dark nights drawing in.
  3. It’s a great time to check your smoke alarm and CO Monitor is working.
  4. You need to begin thinking of preparing the property before winter sets in to protect not just the property, but your own items also.

As a tenant in occupancy of rented property, you have responsibilities to keep the property heated and ventilated to avoid bursts and unwanted mould/damp problems. Your tenancy agreement states:-

To take all reasonable precautions to prevent frost damage at the Property and to keep the Property adequately heated and ventilated to prevent damage caused by condensation

We have put together the above image to give you some clear guidance of what you can do to prevent issues at the property, but if in doubt, please do not hesitate to ring us for specific advice.

Small repairs are tenant responsibility, and this includes clearing drains and low-level gutters of leaves and debris, insulating outdoor taps, clearing pathways of moss or leaves to avoid slippage and changing outdoor lightbulbs where they are low level.

We kindly ask that you do visual inspections of the gutters and roof at the property from ground level and report any signs of slipped tiles or blocked gutters so that we can attend to these before winter sets in and so that the property is protected from unnecessary leaks etc.

Christmas celebrations will also be underway soon with additional lights being put up and extra hazards as a consequence: –

  1. Please do not overload electrical sockets as this could overload the circuit and blow fuses,
  2. Check Christmas lights regularly and ensure you unplug them when out or at night time to avoid fires.
  3. Ensure that you check your smoke alarms are in working order and replace batteries where necessary to protect yourselves.
  4. Also check your CO monitors where applicable.

We hope you have found this guidance helpful.

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