That ‘Boo’tiful Home

Whether you are an existing tenant wanting to keep your home up to scratch or a potential new tenant looking for a new ‘boo’tiful home, we can help you here at Stuarts.

as an existing tenant, do you know how to report repairs?

For fully managed tenants, why not use our tool on our website or give us a call at Stuarts on 0161 491 1411 where we will be happy to help.

If you are a tenant on our Lettings Only Service, you should have your Landlord’s contact details so that you can report the repair to them.


To keep your house looking ‘Boo’tiful there are a few things that you can do as a tenant and is your responsibility:

  • keeping your home clean and tidy remembering windows inside and out – keep the vampires away!
  • doing small repairs yourself.  This could be changing fuses and light bulbs, checking the smoke alarm batteries, tightening door handles.  It could also be plunging toilets in the first instance of a blockage, running hot water down a sink to clear debris etc!  – keep the ghosts away!
  • not causing any damage to the property and making sure your visitors don’t cause any damage.
  • using any fixtures and fittings properly, for example, not blocking a toilet by flushing something unsuitable down it.

You can have a look at our news page on tenants responsibilities for advice and guidance.  Hopefully this should answer any questions that you may have.

Are you a potential new tenant?

You can see our array of homes on our website.  Take a look and you will see why we pride ourselves on excellent standards.  Stuarts have got to this point by having good relationships with our Landlords and Tenants.  We also have plenty of information on our website to help get straight on to the repair that is required.  We have also been established since 1908.  This means that next year we will be celebrating 110 years in business which speaks volumes. 

Celebrate in our success!!

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